Time to revisit term limits

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By Adele E. Zimmerman

Watching the antics of the United States Senate these past few weeks, I was struck by images of old men moving slowly and deliberately, afraid to go too quickly in any direction for fear of losing a campaign dollar or a vote.

In every other American venue, new blood is regularly infused to keep up with changes in population, needs and attitudes. Not so in the Senate, where experience becomes a liability when it inhibits innovation and progress, and when senators’ ideas take on the color of their longtime sponsors.

I don’t think the founding fathers foresaw the problems created by Americans’ increasing life spans. They did not think that any one person could hold office for more than two or three terms.

With an ever-increasing rate of change in their world facing our senators, maybe a constitutional amendment that imposes term limits should once again be given serious consideration.

Adele E. Zimmermann