Time to party

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By Kirsten Laskey

The congregation at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church has put a lot of work into the new Kelly Hall.

Money has been raised, walls were constructed and landscaping has been planted.

With the upstairs of the new hall completed and just a few items left to do on the downstairs level, the time seems right to celebrate what the congregation accomplished. Yep, it’s time to party.

The celebration will be held from 3-7 p.m. Saturday at the church. Everyone is invited to join in the festivities, which include a ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce at 4 p.m., followed by a silent auction, during which people can place bids on everything from sandwiches at Dan’s Café to a two-night stay at the Hampton Inn.

Plus, the Hillstompers and the Los Alamos Big Band will provide live music. Food, jolly jumpers will also be available.

It’s also an opportunity to check out what the church congregation helped create.

Rev. Colin Kelly said a construction company, MS Rich and architect Craig Hoopes were hired, but the parish was heavily involved in the building project.

“It felt wonderful,” he said. “The church people participated in a multitude of ways.”

For instance, a building committee helped bring concepts into reality.

Plus, members of the church helped with the landscaping and members of House of Hope constructed walls for the new location of the Shop on the  Corner thrift store.

Kelly also credited Bill Hamilton, the project manager team chair person. “He was marvelous,” Kelly said.

Looking at what the church helped build, Kelly said, “It’s just exciting to be there … (to) know that we did it.”

The congregation may have had a hand in the hall’s construction, which began in 2007, but it was not merely for their benefit. They kept the community’s needs in mind, too.

Kelly said the new hall will be great for wedding receptions and choir rehearsals.

Dance Arts Los Alamos will rent space in the new addition and the Kiwanis Club plans to hold its meetings at the church.

Additionally, Kelly said they are hopeful more high school students will arrive at the new hall to partake in the church’s lunches.

“It’s opens the door to high school folks for tutoring, mentoring and ministry,” he said.

Kelly said when the hall hosted a reception for two recent funerals, “we saw immediately that yes, this was the right thing to do. People just loved it from the beginning.”

The new hall also holds a personal meaning for Kelly because it is named after him.

“It’s a little embarrassing,” he said. “They surprised me; I had no idea.” During the Easter Sunday service, Kelly said he was presented a plaque in recognition of his more than 24 years of service to the church. “It’s a really an honor,” Kelly said.

With the project completed, Kelly added, “I’m really thankful to the Lord that we have people in the congregation who have the vision of caring for each other and at the same time the ministry outside ourselves to the community, which we live in.”