Time to move forward

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By Ralph Damiani

The county’s proposed agreement with the school district over the land and income for the Trinity Site project is something that must be studied carefully.

It is true that the schools need a reliable revenue stream and new facilities to replace the old Quonset huts along Trinity Drive.

And the county needs land along Trinity for its economic development plans.

This is all true. But the proposal presented by the county and schools is a complex one, that has many twists and turns and needs to be looked at carefully.

The preliminary papers are available for review on the county website and we hope those with concerns do look them over. This is too important a moment to let slide without serious discussion and review.

We need choices in where we shop and seeking to keep just a bit more of our money up here on the Hill can only be a good thing.

So the agreement between the county and school district to lease facilities from the county at the Airport Basin site is an important item for our community and must be thoroughly discussed.

There is a lot at stake here, millions for the county, schools and all of us.

We think this project is necessary for our community – there seem to be few other options. But we must all be brought on board and it is up to the county and schools to spread the word and provide answers.

This is not an easy deal to understand. Yet, it must be understood and those in positions of responsibility must make everyone understand why this is good for us and why this is the best way to accomplish all that we must accomplish.

There is too much on the table to let this fall flat.