Time goes on, so do businesses in LA

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Taco Bell, long gone.
KFC, long gone.
Pizza Hut (both) gone.
McDonalds White Rock, gone.
Blockbusters, gone.
Brownells, gone, space empty.
Otowi Station, gone, space empty.
Several empty commercial spaces on Central, downtown.
Hilltop House, foreclosure, future unknown.
Los Alamos Lodge, closed.
The Hive, may close, financial trouble.
Trinity Site, dirt (lots and lots of dirt).
Where is all the “Economic Development” our local politicians have been spending our money on?
Maybe we need some kind of  committee or some consultants to determine if “Economic Development” is even feasible here in Los Alamos.
If it’s not, lets not spend more money on another foolish endeavor.
R D Little
Los Alamos