The time to be a hero is now

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By Kirsten Laskey

“(There’s a) desire inside each and every one of us to have a hero,” Dan Rosencrans, station manager of Family Line Radio, said Friday night during the Hope Pregnancy Center’s 13th annual banquet at the White Rock Baptist Church.

The opportunity for each member of the community to fulfill this desire has arrived. Through the banquet, the Hope Pregnancy Center staff set out packets and pledge cards, asking the community to support the center in its efforts to help women and teens in the community.

After all, Rosencrans said, life is short so seize the chance to become a hero now.

“(It’s a) short opportunity we have to make a difference in some ones’ life,” Rosencrans said.

Rosencrans was the guest speaker for the event. He replaced Michelle Madrid-Branch, director of the Adoption Means Love Foundation, who was unable to attend the banquet.

Everyone has the ability to become a hero; he said during his speech, the question is will they utilize their abilities?

“What will you do with the hidden power that is invested in you?” Rosencrans asked.

He encouraged the banquet’s attendees to invest everything, not just money, in the pregnancy center’s cause.

“Give your time, give your talent, not just your treasure,” he said.

In other words, do not sit on the sidelines, but get into the fight. Because at the end of life, you don’t want to think, “(with) this treasure, how many lives could I have saved?” Rosencrans said.

While Rosencrans encouraged participants to act as heroes, Sarah Taylor, executive director of the pregnancy center, explained why this nonprofit organization is worthy of heroic efforts.

The pregnancy center, she said, offers numerous services to women in the community including free pregnancy tests, accurate information, a 24-hour hotline, maternity and baby items, and parent mentoring.

The center has experienced great success by offering these services. “We have accomplished more this year than we thought possible,” Taylor said.

A few of these successes include obtaining a new location at 183 Diamond Drive, Suite E.

Pictures of the new building, with its lavender and lime green walls, were projected on the screen.

Board chairman the Rev. Tom Kearns explained the new space features client advocate rooms, offices for the center’s administrators, a conference/training room and a material assistance room.

“We are blessed to be able to move into that,” he said.

Kearns said the center will receive its certificate of occupancy next week and the move is expected to occur at the end of the month. The center is currently located at 3500 Trinity Drive.

Other achievements were increasing client visits, expanding the pregnancy center’s hours to 24 hours a day and hiring Nancy Smith as its new clients service administrator.

However, new challenges are faced, such as meeting a higher lease with the new location and higher expenses due to having longer hours of operation. As a result, the center is hoping to raise its budget between $15,000 to $20,000. The current budget is $75,000.

Cherise Lybarger, a client at Hope Pregnancy Center, proved the money supporters give to the center is well spent. She explained she learned about the center after leaving Los Alamos Medical Center with her son, Warren, and a diaper bag full of “goodies.” One of these goodies was a flyer about the pregnancy center and its parenting classes.

She said she thought, “this is just wonderful.”

So Lybarger called up the center to get an appointment. She said, “the wonderful volunteers were positive, welcoming and so loving.”

In fact, after taking classes for the past couple months, Lybarger said she is eager to “pay it forward” by becoming a volunteer herself.

About 200 people came to show their support during the banquet. “It’s really nice to see such as turnout,” treasurer Gerald Streit said.

He thanked the crowd for the regular support, the one-time support or the volunteer support they could give to the center.

If interested in donating to the center, call the center at 662-2300 or send donations to Hope Pregnancy Center, PO Box 599, Los Alamos.