Tight times ahead

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By Ralph Damiani

While fuel prices are slipping down, $3.60 a gallon for gasoline is still a stiff burden. And it will only go back up.

Also, if there is a cold winter – and it looks like there will be – heating one’s home will not be cheap this year as natural gas prices are sure to rise.

And it will get only tougher as the county approved increases in electric and water rates.

We have to understand that government is like any business, it too has costs and expenses that it has to meet. And it can only lose money for so long before something gives.

And either taxes or rates go up and it seems to us that the fairest thing is to have those who use, pay.

While no one likes fees or rates to go up, it is inevitable. But it is still hard.

The high fuel rates have caused the price of goods to go up. Anyone who has been to the supermarket knows that.

These prices will not be going down anytime soon.  And these hikes will only add to that.

We believe that the council and county are aware and do their best to hold the line. But like all of us, they have bills to pay and obligations to meet.

These rate hikes are the only way they can meet those obligations.

So, Los Alamos residents can expect to see a rate increase in both electric and water services. And as distasteful as that is, it is understandable.

They too, are dealing with all of the rising costs we are. Times are really tough all over.

Let’s really hope that the rains continue so we can save water from going on our lawns and let’s pray the winter is not all that cold as well.