Through the lens: Chipera focus of one-woman show

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Jessica Chipera may currently live in San Diego, but Los Alamos is where she calls home. She comes home to show her latest photographic artwork, 2-6 p.m. Saturday at the Morning Glory Bakery, 1377 Diamond Drive.
At the age of 25, Chipera is already an internationally recognized and award-winning artist. She graduated from Los Alamos High School and is currently attending San Diego State, studying business.
Her photography stems from science and astronomy influences brought on by growing up in Los Alamos. Her father, a geologist, gave Chipera her first camera when she was a teen. She has been shooting professionally since 2008. “I love the lore of the planet,” Chipera said, “everyone and everything on it and around it.”
When she photographs people, Chipera said she is against using any software, like Photoshop, that will alter the way someone looks.
She considers her photography a hobby, used to pay living expenses. “It is a very competitive business,” Chipera said.
She has also gained recognition in other countries. Her art is has been seen in a gallery in London and museum in Cairo. In the United States, she has had shows in San Diego and in Los Alamos.
The photo of Egypt is one of the pyramids. Chipera visited the country in 2012 after the revolution that caused Egypt to seem unstable. “It seemed like the people were tired of seeing negative things around them,” she said. “They needed some positive scenery.”
That photo was also the same one that piqued the interest of a gallery owner in London where it is displayed.