Thompson Ridge Fire: Officials abandon burnout option

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The Thompson Ridge Fire is not quite done yet. Here's the Sunday morning update from fire officials:

Acreage on the Thompson Ridge Fire increased by 18 acres according to last night’s infra-red flight.

The outside fire perimeter has not changed; the growth noted was within the area referred to as the “donut hole” around Redondo Peak.

Fire operations officials have decided against the idea of a burnout operation in this area. After inserting crews atop the Redondo peak area yesterday, crews on the ground feel that direct attack on the hot spots close to the peak are a better alternative.

Yesterday’s fire behavior remained active and was verified by infrared last night with an increase of hot spots detected; however, all hot spots remain inside the fire perimeter. Torching and short fire runs continued but posed no significant threats to holding lines or Redondo Peak.

The type 1 heavy helicopter was used to cool some of these areas yesterday, but is expected to be more limited in the number of drops today.