Think about your estate

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Settling an estate can be difficult and time consuming.
Those who have been in the position of trying to find all the papers and information needed at the time of death and for estate settlement, know how much time and frustration can be involved.
“After I’m Gone — Things to think about your Estate” is a program intended to provide the public with information to make the process easier.  
Don Davidson will present the talk at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at the White Rock Town Hall. Davidson will share what he has learned going through the process of getting his affairs in order.
Learn what can be done to help family handle personal affairs upon a family member’s death.
At the time of a death, there are various immediate questions.  
Is there a will and/or trust? Where are the will and trust? What kind of funeral service should there be? Where are the telephone numbers of relatives? Who else needs to be informed? More questions arise as the estate settlement proceeds. What bills need to be paid? Wasn’t there land in another state? Where are all the stock certificates? How do we divide some of the personal belongings? Who gets the china and silver candlesticks? Was there more than one life insurance policy? The list goes on and on.  
For more information on this program, call Paula Roybal Sánchez at 662-2656.  
The Los Alamos Cooperative Extension Service, Los Alamos County Extension Association of New Mexico and the Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization is sponsoring the free program.