Things to do when it’s cold outside

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BY Alyssabeth Hilger and Alyssa Madril

Los Alamos winters can be harsh, but that doesn’t mean Los Alamos residents can’t have fun. The ice skating rink is one of the top things to do during winter time. It opened last Friday, and only costs $5 per person. Public skating is open 1:45 p.m. to 7 p.m.
One could also choose to go skiing or snowboarding. The Pajarito Mountain ski area is open 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The season pass, along with the one-day admission cost, depends on age, but the prices are reasonable.
If you do enjoy the cold and the snow, you can, of course, build a snowman or a snow fort. As another outdoor activity you can get food coloring and write in the snow, make snow cones and make snow angels. And don’t forget snowball fights. These activities are free or very cheap, which just makes them even better.
But, if you are not interested in outdoor activities like that, then you can do simple activities with friends such as having a small get together, bake things, hang out at Starbucks with some friends, play video games, drink hot cocoa and spend quality time with your family.
Also, at the library they have several different teen activities. The movie theater does as well. If you are on any sports team or recreational team, you can always get together and have a gift exchange.
The YMCA has the rock climbing wall, which always seems to be a popular choice to do in the winter since kids do not enjoy going outside that much when it is below freezing. If you are still home and don’t know what to do, then you can join carolers.
There are many different options that you can do during winter seasons. It is one of the most joyful times of the year, so make the best of it! Make sure you bundle up before you do any of this, though to ensure you don’t get sick around Christmas time.