There's a big message in leisure pool defeat

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The resounding defeat of the leisure pool has correctly been noted in recent letters here as a disconnect between county officialdom and its citizenry.
It’s a problem that, unless addressed, will continue I fear.
We know the county is “awash” in (GRT) money.
We know the county has many fine people working for it.
We know on the other hand that this is a highly educated community and that it seems clear many feel their voice is not being heard (despite meetings held by various staff members.)
As Bob Gibson pointed out in an op-ed a while back,  there is a need for a greater emphasis on service and less on leadership - what some think are great ideas may not resonate within a significant portion of the  community.
We have a new county administrator in place (a somewhat frequent occurrence of late, it seems.)  
I think his leadership will be evaluated widely in the community  on his and his staff’s ability to get out and listen to the public.
The same holds of course for council and for both parties who put forward candidates ; as representatives of the people, they should be chosen primarily for reflecting community wishes.
The Charter Review Committee should also be sensitive more to community needs and less to administrative discretion and smooth functioning lest they be perceived as promoting business as usual.
Boards and commissions should be particularly sensitive in this area, also  for they represent the community as a whole and not just their particular perspective
The holidays are upon us and the new year will bring some significant decisions. In the new regime, the ability to be credible and accountable to the citizens will determine how well such decisions are made.
And that will depend on better listening.

Robert A. Nunz
Los Alamos