There’s no excuse for not cleaning up

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By The Staff

My husband and I  frequent the East Park dog park several times a week with our two dogs.  It’s a wonderful place for dogs to be able to run and play, but it also seems to have become a wonderful place for owners not to pick up after their dogs.

It has become quite a trick to navigate the park without getting ones’ shoes soiled as happened to me this morning. East Park itself, where people walk and children play also suffers the same indignity.

Several people in the community worked so hard to give the public a place for their dog to run off leash that to see this happen is very sad. There are two doggie stations - one as you enter East Park and one in the Dog Park itself  - both  with bags and a place to dispose of the bag  that there is no excuse for dog owners not to pick up after their dogs. If the bags are all gone then it is easy to use a tissue to pick up the offending item or, better yet, as many of us do, always walk your dog with a plastic baggie in your pocket.

Terry & Marion Mitchell

Los Alamos