There is no war on Christmas

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The so called “war of Christmas” is an invention of Bill O’Reilly to boost his ratings and provide a distraction from the lies and misinformation that he spews out nightly. That old straw man argument “some people say” is empty and meaningless. Please provide specific examples of people who are living in fear of saying “Merry Christmas.”Please list all businesses that are forcing employees to not acknowledge Christmas. Since you are affiliated with a local newspaper, I really would like you to address the serious anti-Christian crises that the population of Los Alamos is facing. Please list all people who are denied the celebration of their holiday in their homes or houses of worship.There are so many really important issues that you could be addressing (job loss, the economy, the endless war) but that would probably take too much effort to do actual research. I would have thought you could be a little more creative in your subject matter, but I have learned to expect the most trite and meaningless drivel from the editorials in the Monitor.Debra GardnerLos Alamos