There has been progress

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I would first like to say that this letter should’ve been sent a few weeks ago as the upgrades began, but this is as good a time as any. I’d like to tell my view of the power problems here in Los Alamos. I must admit that in the last two years I’ve never experienced as many power outages in my life as I’ve experienced here.

However, I’m feeling hope that the number of outages will be greatly reduced with the work being done in our community of Royal Crest. Royal Crest has been subject to many outages over the last few years and probably many more before my wife and I moved here, but thanks to the hard work of the utility crew over the last few weeks, the upgrades that have been done and are ongoing should alleviate many of our problems.

I would also like to take this time to thank Mr. Steve Cummins of the utility department for spearheading this project for us and getting to us so quickly, as they do with every outage we’ve had. These upgrades will help the county as well, cutting down the number of responses, thus saving money and time and allowing them to complete other projects and repair problems.

As far as the Central Avenue project is concerned, the county has my full support and so far I like what I see. In response to your letter Mr. Prueitt (Oct. 9), Los Alamos is trying to improve all ways of life and as Royal Crest is an example, including the reliability of our electrical power. Some things just happen quicker that others, but improvement does happen. I have confidence that if and when problems arise with the electricity, and problems will arise as nothing is perfect, the County will be there to take care of them for us.

Steve Gianes

Community Manager-Royal Crest