There’s still time to donate books to BOMO campaign

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The Book of My Very Own campaign is halfway to its goal and will end Aug. 1.
Otowi Station, Los Alamos Rotary Club and Self-Help, Inc., are partnering to provide free books to 500 local disadvantaged schoolchildren.
The books will be distributed with school supplies for the neediest elementary school children in Los Alamos and surrounding communities, as designated by school counselors. The project is part of Self-Help’s “Tools for Schools” program.
“We’ve been delighted with the response so far,” said Ellen Ben-Naim, children’s book buyer at Otowi Station Bookstore.
“We’re hoping that the next several days will push us over the top.” She added, “We know that our procrastinators will be in soon!”
Linda Hull, coordinator of the project for Los Alamos Rotary Club, said, “With A Book of My Very Own, we will reach out to an underserved population, children in kindergarten through sixth grade, whose access to reading experiences outside the classroom are limited.
Folks in our community can buy a copy of a book at Otowi Station Bookstore and Los Alamos Rotary Club will match the purchase with a second book.”
For more information about A Book of My Very Own, contact Otowi Station Bookstore at 662-9589.