There’s no choir like show choir

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By Maria Jaleh McTeigue

“Glee,” the television show about a high school glee club, seems to have increased the popularity of show choir. Now, Los Alamos High School is catching the fever.
Greg Henderson, choir teacher at both Los Alamos Middle School and Los Alamos High School, is offering a new choir course to the students at LAHS: ’Topper Show Choir.
Henderson’s 15 years experience in conducing chorus and orchestra in schools, churches, youth ensembles, community music groups and music theatre will come in handy for the choir that he’s starting from scratch, or as he said, “from the jazz hands up.”
 The choir will be begin during 2012-2013 school year and will be offered to all high school students who enjoy singing or who play an instrument.
The choir is open to females and males of all grade levels. The class must be taken as an elective and the participant will receive an arts credit.
During its designated class period, the ’Topper Show Choir will learn pop-style music and modern-day show tunes. Henderson would like to accommodate instrumentalists as well as singers.
In addition to instruments and singers, dancers are encouraged to join the choir.
Having dancers and those that play instruments perform with the choir will add to the overall sound and mood of the performances, Henderson said.
’Topper Show Choir will perform at concerts as well as competitions geared specifically toward show choirs.
The choir will give its members an opportunity to express themselves by means of music. as well as entertain their peers.
Henderson said that unlike its portrayal on “Glee,” ’Topper Show Choir will be hard work.
Students interested in getting started with the group should contact Henderson before registration at g.Henderson@laschools.net.