Thanks to Santa Claus

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By The Staff

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all your generosity to millions of people across the United States, not only to the children but the adults who find the magic in Christmas, and for those who also give anonymously in your name to people they will never know.

In 1948, I lived in the mountains of Colorado, five miles from Golden.  The snow was deep, and the creek was almost frozen over.  My dad had been sick and was unemployed. 

The full moon shone upon the fresh fallen snow, as my mother sat by the unlit Christmas tree, she was pondering what to tell my sister and me when we got up in the morning, for there were no presents under the tree and nothing to fix for dinner.  Suddenly there was the tingling of bells. Opening the front door to investigate, she saw a big box had been placed on the porch.  It contained everything my sister and I had wanted and the fixings for a big Christmas dinner.

It has taken me all these years to figure out how to say “Thank you, Santa” for the gifts.  I have always known it was you for our dogs did not bark, and there were no tire tracks left in the fallen snow.  No one could have known what I wanted but you. 

The world has changed since the invention of television. Gone are the quiet times where family and friends gathered together and went caroling; gone also are the days when the big department store windows were decorated and Merry Christmas was wished to one and all.  And yet you did not leave with these long ago days.  Thank you.

As for my Christmas wish list this year, it is simple and I doubt if you can fill it; I wish people to respect other people’s rights, not only between neighbors but between nations.  For me peace is not the lack of war, but the contentment of respect to others and by others.  Does this fit the song; “Peace on earth and good will toward men?”

My other wish would be that joy would take the place of sorrow at this time of the year.  My mother died on Dec. 21, and her funeral was two days later on the 23rd. It took me years to place the sorrow of death behind me and find the true joy that abounds at this time of the year.  I found it in the children’s faces as they saw you. I found it in the old people face as they were given a Christmas gift.  And in the awesome feeling as the town Christmas lights were turned on for the first time that season.  Since then, I believe that the child in all of us can find some of the magical joy you bring when you come to town if only we would look.


Joan Pomeroy

Waxahachie, Texas