Thanks for Obama coverage

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Thank you for covering the attendance (Aug. 29) of Los Alamos citizens at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. There were two big and very loud seating sections filled with New Mexicans on Thursday for Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium. Our “Los Alamos for Obama” banner was made by Lee Eakins and signed by many Los Alamos supporters.

Some people told us “I didn’t know there were any Democrats in Los Alamos,” and we told them not only are there many Democrats, but there are independents and Republicans here too who support Barack Obama and his Campaign for Change. The colorful “Obama Vote for Change” T-shirts we were wearing were made by artists young and old in Santa Fe’s “Sprouts for Change” organization.

They can be purchased at www.sproutsforchange.com.

We’re eager to tell people why we support Obama and the Campaign for Change. Come by our campaign office (661-4292) in the Mary Deal Building facing the Reel Deal Movie Theatre any day till 9, if you can’t wait for us to come knock on your door. We are hoping to discuss as many facts and issues as we can with the voters to help get this country moving in a positive direction again.

Los Alamos