Thanks for help with speech and debate invite

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Many, many thanks to the following businesses and people that supported the recent three-day-long National Christian Forensics and Communications Association Region III Speech and Debate Invitational: to John Roberts and Smith’s for discounted food for students and judges — tremendous help; to Denise Lane and the Dixie Girl, Ruby Alexander and Ruby K’s Bagel Cafe, Brian Booth and the Coffee Booth, and members of the First Baptist Church of Española for providing scrumptious food for judges — thanks also to local churches and families — all food was appreciated, and most assuredly did not last long.
El Parasol provided dinner for our social event — a hit. A big thanks to the local judges that volunteered their time and energy to help competitors hone their skills, and to Crossroads Bible Church for use of its facility.
Thank you also to Bradbury Science Museum and Los Alamos National Laboratory for the wonderful educational experience in- and out-of-town competitors were able to enjoy in the museum. Our town is a gem, in both its history and participation of community. We deeply appreciate the commitment and uniqueness of Los Alamos!
The Los Alamos Home School Speech and Debate Guild Board.
Kris Hollis
Mary Spill
Kelley Baer