Thank-you Letters

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By The Staff

Hail andCongratulations!Los Alamos Little Theater is a marvelous, long-lasting organization. “Senior” certainly isn’t a descriptive word; “Indestructible” might be.Many years ago, I was an active member, acting and directing. Now I just attend every production.From the recent program, it seems most of the participants are new to me (I’ve lost my memory). But some I remember with great pleasure and fondness. They are still going strong. With apologies to those whose names I may have forgotten, I say “Hail and Congratulations” to Eric Bjorklund, Bill Davis, Larry Gibbons, Elizabeth Gray, Richard Klamann, Ken Milder, Robb Minor, Jody Shepard and Jim Sicilian.I loved “The Bad Seed”!

Jeanne K. SteinFormer LALT and SAG

Dances definitelya group effort

The Los Alamos Youth Leadership “Spartan Team” hosted a high school dance from 9 p.m.-midnight Oct. 26. For the past three years, Min and Monica Park have opened the Central Avenue Grill to high school students to dance. We feel extremely fortunate to know that there are people in our community like Min and Monica who enjoy seeing high school students having fun, and who trust us to know that we will continue to keep the dances safe. We would like to say thank-you to them as well to all the other adults and Los Alamos Police Department who help make the dances happen.The dances are fun, but they are also a lot of work – with tables and chairs needing to be moved, a lemonade and water station to be set and up, and chaperoning to be provided. We could not pull off the dances without our adult support. We would like to give a special thank you to Phil Kephart, Pam and Brad Meyer, Joy Freymiller, Robert Gibson and Lori Heimdahl Gibson, Steven Girrens and Sharon Stover for their help and to the LAPD for patrolling the area to ensure safety.Having a good time full of energy and dancing the night away is our focus, but we also want to demonstrate that we are responsible. We want to benefit the community by doing projects and provide charitable community support. The money we generate from the dances is split between an organization and the current projects that the four LAYL teams are working on. This past dance, we split the proceeds with the United Way Youth campaign. This is our third year of doing the dances, and more than $4,000 has been raised. For further information on the LAYL four team projects, please log onto www.losalamosjjab.com.Our next dance is following the boy’s home basketball game Jan. 26. We will be planning this event over the next couple months, and will be promoting the dance for good attendance. We always appreciate and value all the community support we receive. We especially thank Min and Monica Park.

Los Alamos Youth Leadership “Spartan Team” students: Kory Archuleta, Mary Elizabeth Bowyer, Craig Girrens, Chase Havemann, Chloe Kuntz-Phillips, Jessie Pattillo, Aaron Robinson, Noah Sandoval and Shelby Stringer

Thank goodness for Ofc. Doug Johnson

While visiting Los Alamos at the end of October, I decided to pay a visit to my former high school. I parked in the front lot and presented myself as a visitor to the front office. I explained to the two women there that I was a graduate of Los Alamos High School – Class of 1959. I also told them how my mother Shirley Fries had taught at LAHS from 1947-1983; how I was a classmate of Jennifer Reglien Romero, who recently retired as a teacher from LAHS; and how I was a colleague of Marilyn Fabry, who currently teaches at LAHS and with whom I taught at Grapevine High School in Grapevine, Texas.The short of it is this: The officious women denied me access to my former school by quoting “policy.” I departed in despair!On my way out, I met Ofc. Douglas Johnson of the Los Alamos Police Department, and he saved the day.He immediately realized that I was not a 65-year-old terrorist. He took time out of his day to accompany me down the halls of LAHS to room C-2, where my mother had taught English and Latin for so many years.Ofc. Johnson understood that Wagner, Albee, Shattuck, McCleskey, Cox, Cernicek and many others were all part of my pilgrimage. I am grateful to Ofc. Johnson!

Diane Fries DuffyColleyville, Texas

Parents deserve lots of credit

We would like to thank all the parents who brought food in for the LAHS Staff Appreciation Breakfast on Halloween. A special thanks goes out to Marilyn Smith and Alison Beckman who also came to help us set up and decorate. We would also like to extend our appreciation to the Monitor for getting an announcement out for us on short notice.If you missed your opportunity to show your appreciation for our wonderful staff, or would just like another opportunity to do so, please help with our next staff appreciation event. On Nov. 29, (the Thursday after Thanksgiving), we will be having a soup lunch in the LAHS teachers lounge. Please drop off donations of a crockpot of soup, or rolls / bread and butter between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Alternatively you may drop them off at Los Alamos School of Gymnastics between noon and 6 p.m. the preceding day (Nov. 28). In White Rock call Marilyn Smith for early drop off.Thanks to Grace Brown our new principal for her support of parental involvement. Loui Janecky (LAHS TPO teacher appreciation coordinator) and Becky Cabildo (LAHS TPO chair)