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2010 Pumpkin Glow thank you

On behalf of the Los Alamos Arts Council, I would like to thank the community for coming out and supporting the Pumpkin Glow. The LAAC would not be able to produce this event without the help of the following people: Lori Dauelsberg, Lisa Lloyd, Joan Williams, Suzanne Johnston and the board of the Los Alamos Arts Council.
In addition, thank you to the following organizations for putting together displays for their pumpkins: Cub Scout Pack 20, Boy Scout Troop 71 and House of Boo. I would like to thank the county parks department for loaning us straw for the event. Thank you to Smith’s who donated pumpkins for the community carving party at Fuller Lodge, Los Alamos National Bank for the glowing necklaces at the event and Village Arts/Art Center for providing space for the carving party.
This year we’d also like to thank Jeremy Varela for producing the special effects of ghosts and pumpkins moving in and out of the windows of Fuller Lodge, and MainStreet for adding the spooky Haunted Forest Trail to the event, as well as sponsorship through the Small Projects promotion.
 Last but not least, thank you to all the individuals, kids and families who held carving parties, carved pumpkins and allowed us to display them for the evening. These are the people who make the Pumpkin Glow such a unique and special event. We hope to see you all next year with your pumpkin art!

Marlane Hamilton
Los Alamos Arts Council