Thank you

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Our daughter, Lorinda, is an eighth grader at the Los Alamos Middle School. Our daughter had saved up for an expensive iPod. We told her not to take it to school, but she wanted to take it just one day to show it to her friends.  
She had it for less then one week when she took it to school. When she arrived at school she did not have it. She thought she might have dropped it in the car (her father had given her a ride to school that day). When she got home she searched the car and the house and to no avail.
It wasn’t anywhere. When I got home from work she was devastated and asked me to take her to school so she could look for it. She rushed to the LAMS office to report it but everyone had left by that time. We told her that it was gone and she would never get it back. She said if she had found it she would have turned it in.
We agreed and knew that she would have done that, but we didn’t have the confidence that anyone else would.  
The next morning, she went to the LAMS office to report it. They told her someone had turned it in. You cannot imagine how excited she was to get it back. When she got home from school that day, she immediately called me and told me someone had returned it. I immediately called the LAMS office to ask who had turned it in.
The following day, they called to inform me that Nickolas Workman had turned it in. They said they gave him a school award for being so honest. Our daughter took a thank you card with a monetary reward (from her own money) and left it in the office for him.
But, we wanted to acknowledge him for his honesty and integrity. It is so nice to know that what we, as parents and teachers, have worked so hard to instill in the children of our community has paid off.
We do have good, honest children in our community and Nickolas Workman is an outstanding example of that. This also speaks very highly of Nickolas’ parents. They have, obviously, done a wonderful job as parents and raised a very fine young man.
I’m sure they are very proud of him.
 I told different family members, co-workers and friends about this story. It’s really funny because everyone who I’ve told said the following, “Only in Los Alamos.” I took that as a huge compliment for our community.
 Thank you Nickolas Workman for your honesty!  

Sandy Lucero
Los Alamos