Thank You 08-21-12

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PEEC would like to thank the community and some special helpers for a fantastic program about cougars and people.
We were fortunate enough to have Ken Logan, wildlife biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, came to PEEC Aug. 12 to talk about cougars  and their interactions with people, to a crowd of about 60. His talk made it clear that we live in cougar country and gave some practical tips  on how to stay safe.  
One point that he stressed was to be in contact with your neighbors. If you see tracks, scat or a mountain lion, call your neighbors and let them know there’s been a sighting in your neighborhood. The more aware people are, the more likely they are to take a few simple steps to stay safe, like avoid hiking until two hours after sunrise, keeping pets inside at night and making sure outside pets and livestock are in cages with roofs.
PEEC would like to thank James Brooks, of Yukon Wildlife Studio, for his help with this program. Brooks has been collecting and categorizing data about mountain lion encounters in Los Alamos on his website, yukonwildlifestudio.com, and was kind enough to tour Ken Logan before his talk, showing him the lay of the land in Los Alamos and places where sightings had been reported.  
Hari and Selvi Viswanathan also opened their homes to Logan and Brooks to show them where a dog was killed by a cougar and the famous, “Warbler Pond,” where a wildlife camera has captured some fantastic animal pictures.
Animal Protection of New Mexico brought posters and backpack tags from their Cougar Smart New Mexico project with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, the U.S. Forest Service, New Mexico State Parks and Santa Fe County Open Space and Trails.
PEEC still has some of their posters and tags for people who would like one — just stop by during our open hours.
Finally, the Canyon Road Inn provided clean and comfortable lodging for Logan while he was in town and offered a discount to PEEC to help support the program. We are grateful for their wonderful service and their generosity.


Katie Watson
Program Director