Thank You 07-22-12

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This summer I had an experience that made me appreciate my community. I am a teenager that lives in White Rock.
Our one-year-old Malti-Poo has never been away from our family before, so when we went on a two-week vacation, we picked a family similar to ours, where she would receive lots of love and attention.  
After five days into our vacation, we got a call that one of the kids got a rash, possibly from the dog. She was then taken to an alternative family that has a dog of its own.  
Our puppy did not handle that change well, so when the opportunity came, she took the chance to escape from the unfamiliar people’s yard.  
The next phone call informed us of her disappearance. After waiting several hours for more information, my mother called a close friend who owned the parents of our puppy and asked her to send an email to the community.
Through this email and word of mouth, we had lots of people help try to find or catch our puppy.  
This was amazing to me about our community. She was lost for 24 hours, until finally caught the following morning. She was covered in stickers and weeds and took several days to calm down and settle in with the family. It was comforting to know that she was found and happy.  
We didn’t realize how many people helped to find/catch her until we got back and heard the stories from different people. She was really excited to be back at home with her family, as we were to be with her again.  
Days later, we still have people asking how she is doing. Even though she’s nervous around strangers, she is doing great. Thanks to all those that gave time, effort  and prayers in behalf of “May” and our family.
My community is pretty amazing.

Clayton Purvis