Thank you 04-06-11

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Thanks for a
successful event

On Feb. 27, over 300 performers and listeners volunteered to raise $1,475 for the first annual Music Marathon to help support UNM-Los Alamos.
Thanks to Bonnie Gordon for publicity, treats and staying 10 hours; Steve Ciddio and David Eliot for moving furniture all day;  Diane Vaughan for using her expertise and money for programs, teachers who prepared pupils for the Student Musicale: Charlene Cox-Clifton, Lynn Lamb, Donald Machen, Frances Naffziger (and always bringing punch), Kay Newnam, Ellen Scudder, Janna Warren; LANB for program aid, Robin Gurule for green chile chicken stew, homemade bread and playing.
Other performers were: Katherine Wang, Wilbur Wang, Irene Kwon, Aline Parliman, Troy Makela, Taran Cooley, Emma Burward-Kunde, Sopahn Kellogg, Ariel Chen, Steven Chen, Sonyia Williams, Ania Damska, Yana Outkin, Jeanine Fassbender, Injie Mourad, Kristin Fassbender, Katerina Skurikhin, David Li, Jin Park, Judy Lee, Michelle Yang, Justine Yang, Katie Weinland, singer for the Isotopes, bagpiper Tristan Goodwin, Rheta Moazzami, Judy Hutson, Ruth Williamson, Joan Brown, Marlene Gray with her Albuquerque Bluegrass band Coyote Crossing, Susan Mendel, Alicia Solomon with her Unitarian Church Choir, Cindy Little, Sarah Kelly, Daniel Dunning, Cathy Turner, Claudia Hilko, Lorenzo Venneri, Doug Jones, Nate Hall, Adam Sayre, Toni Batha,  pianist and organizer J. Madland.
For further information go to:  www.la.unm.edu/PR/performerpage.html.

Juanita Madland
Los Alamos