Thank You 01-19-14

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Families in Los Alamos County are helped through the office of Self Help, Inc. who serves as the local Salvation Army branch. The generosity of the community helps Los Alamos County families to pay for basic needs such as housing, food, utility bills, emergency travel, and clothing.
The 45 volunteers started ringing the bells right after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at both Smith stores.
Annie Bard, director of the White Rock Senior Center, and Irene Powell, RSVP director at the Betty Ehart Senior Center scheduled the ringers. Ringers were creative in dressing up like Santa or singing or putting candy canes on top of the donation bucket.
A special thanks to the Smith’s stores for allowing the bell ringers to be there.
Thank you, Los Alamos, for donating $15,000 to help needy families of Los Alamos County.
2013 Salvation Army Bell Ringers:
Annie Bard
Jessica Bard
Janet Basinger
Al Bateman
Nancy Bearss
Romayne Betts
Brian Boyer
Josephine Boyer
Lee Builta
Mary Cernicek
Bev Copper
Bert Dennis
Janet Donnelly
Heather Donnelly
Mike Donnelly
John Fitzpatrick
Terry Hahn
Louise Hassman
Roy Hopwood
Sandy Jennings
Bert Kortegaard
James Lake
Zander Leach
Mark Lucero
Arlene Merayo
Carolyn MacDonell
Diane Noveroski
Jim Peak
Sue Pope
Mike Pope
David Powell
Irene Powell
Jan Sander
Roger Schauman
Barb Smith
Jim Stapp
Keith Stephens
Roy Stone
Dick Tatro
Zena Thomas
TK Thompson
Martha Tibboel
Mary Venable
Lou Williams

Submitted by Irene Powell