Tessive hosts open house

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Tessive, a local company, hosted an open house Friday afternoon.
The open house featured the Tessive Time Filter, which will bepresented at the Cine Gear Expo June 3 at the Studios at Paramount in Los
The filter,  according to a press release, corrects a phenomenon known as temporal aliasing in a motion picture. Temporal aliasing  causes objects to appear to jump or appear at a location instead of giving the impression of smoothly moving towards them.
Temporal aliasing also causes substantial image distortion in any motion picture sequence.
“It’s been a problem with cameras for a century, and it’s pretty well been accepted that wagon wheels were just going to go backwards in movies,” said Tony Davis, CEO of Tessive. “We took some math from other fields and simply applied it to movie cameras. It’s a nice bit of applied math, and it just makes the pictures look better.”
The Time Filter attaches to a professional movie camera and a control box synchronizes the active filter with the camera’s acquisition.