Telling a story in 10 minutes

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By Special to the Monitor

Los Alamos Little Theatre’s short play festival “8x10 Again” will open Friday.

This production is a follow-up to the successful September 2006 “8x10” festival and will likewise feature eight short 10-minute plays, directed by eight different directors. Five of the plays were written by local playwrights and are being presented on stage for the first time.

The show opens with “Duet for Bear and Dog,” written by Sybil Rosen and directed by Gwen Lewis.

In this comical piece, a domesticated dog meets a wild bear, which leads to a philosophical debate on freedom vs. security.

Following this is a short melodrama, authored by David and Shelia Schiferl of Los Alamos and directed by David.

Titled, “A Short Stretch in Aspen,” it poses the question, “What would have happened if the Eron scandal had occurred in 1890s Colorado?”

Third in the lineup is Santa Fe Playwright Dianna Lewis’ “Primitive Collection,” directed by Sally Cassil.

In this satirical piece, an artist and his wife debate the ethics of his new approach to painting.

Finishing out the first half of the program is “Trace Evidence,” by former Los Alamos playwright Jeff Stewart and directed by Dennis Powell.

In this film-noir like piece, a police detective interviews the prime suspect in a double murder case.

The second half of the show leads off with “Hoot,” written by Pat Beck of Los Alamos and directed by Sheryl Bailey Heath.

In this sitcom-inspired piece a young woman recruits her older aunt and her aunt’s friend to work at a Hooters-like restaurant.

Next is “Ferris Wheel,” written by Mary Miller and directed by Roxanne Tapia, where two strangers have a poignant and fleeting encounter on a Ferris wheel. In the penultimate slot is “Second Coming,” another Jeff Stewart piece, directed by Los Alamos High School student Alison Mercer-Smith. In this dark and reflective piece, two world-weary archangels discuss the politics of heaven and the fate of angels in the modern world.

Finishing out the production is “Fight Dreams,” authored by Alison Weiss and directed by Kathleen (Kaki) Kelly. “Fight Dreams” is a surrealistic comedy in which a woman grows increasingly dissatisfied in an unusual romantic relationship.

Paul and Gwen Lewis produced “8x10 Again.” The show will run at 8:15 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sept. 19, 20, 26 and 27. There will be a 2 p.m. show Sept. 21. All performances will be at the Performing Arts Center at 1670 Nector St. Admission is $12 for adults and $10 for seniors/students. Tickets are available at CB Fox and at the door.

Further information about this production and the Los Alamos Little Theatre is available at www.lalt.org.