Tell the library what you want

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By The Staff

The Los Alamos County libraries would like to hear from members of the public who have visited either Mesa Public Library or the White Rock branch, and from those who have not visited a library.
Either way, the Los Alamos County libraries would like to hear from community members and visitors.
The Library is conducting a survey and this is a chance to give an opinion about programs offered at the libraries for adults, who programs are valued, and what improvements or changes could be made; or, what would entice the public to attend a library if they’ve never done so.
The goal is to offer the best possible programs to the community and this short survey, which takes approximately five minutes to complete, will help the libraries determine how to do just that.
Libraries are dynamic cultural centers providing venues for speakers, discussions, displays, activities and workshops.
The Los Alamos County Library System wants to know what its patrons and visitors want: the more surveys that are returned, the better the service to the community will be for years to come.
In this time of tight budgets, the answers to these questions will be taken into account as resources for future programs are allocated.
The survey solicits opinions about the best hours, days and seasons for programs; what kind of programs the community likes best and what should be offered in the future.
The library staff very much appreciates participation in completing the survey and as Library Manager Charlie Kalogeros-Chattan says, “We will listen!”
The survey is available in print at the libraries and on the library portion of the Los Alamos County Web site, www.losalamos
nm.us/library; the link to the survey is on the right, under the announcements section.
Members of the public may answer the survey online and it will be tabulated electronically or, look for drop boxes with bright yellow labels to return the completed hard copy surveys located in the libraries at the main check-out desk, the reference desk, youth services desk, and at White Rock Branch.
All the surveys should be returned by Dec. 17.
For more information contact Library Manager Charlie Kalogeros-Chattan at 662-8242 or Charlie.