Teens go wild

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By The Staff

If you think the kids in Los Alamos are wild now, just wait.

The Los Alamos Youth Leadership team, A-Squad, with the drive of Keanna

Cohen, will sponsor LAYL Wild Day from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday in conjunction

with the Parks and Recreation Hershey¹s Track and Field Meet.

³LAYL Wild Day is a day for elementary age kids and teens to connect, Cohen

said. ³This will be a day where kids can have role models, and when teens

can let their inner child out.²

The idea for the dynamic teen team also encourages a healthy and active


A-Squad  team members include Keanna Cohen, Jeremy Kasik, Benigno Sandoval,

Madison Ahlers, Jordan Gillespie, Alex Kirk, Zach Stevens, Emily Breiner,

Jason Grider and Claire Bounds.  The adult sponsors of A-Squad are Sharon

Stover, Morrie Pongratz, Cathe McClard and Marc Clay.

The students met during the summer for a LAYL workshop and were divided into

four teams.  The teams then brainstormed possible service projects to

complete.  The A-squad settled on something hands-on by planning an activity

day for kids.  The idea was presented, debated and a plan hatched to

proceed. The students narrowed their brainstorming session to ideas that

they remembered as fun and got to work.

³Although a healthy lifestyle is important, I think it is just as, or

possibly more important, to have an appropriate role model and that is what

kids today truly need,² Cohen said. ³I had many teen role models and they

changed my life and my decisions.²

The LAYL Wild Day will consist of activities for kids in kindergarten

through sixth grade. The day begins with an Art Camp where kids can paint,

headed by team member Gillespie.

Emily Breiner will lead the Silly Sandwich, which will follow the camp. The

youth will be provided with a variety of different foods that they can put

on their sandwiches.

Finally, the day rounds out with a game of Capture the Flag on Sullivan

Field and ends at Griffith Gym with Mission Impossible, a personal team


The kids will be split into teams and teen volunteers will lead activities.

Many Los Alamos teens are coming together to set up, clean up, supervise and

just enjoy.

The Los Alamos County Recreation Division is collaborating with the A-squad

team. The Recreation Division will be sponsoring the Hershey¹s track at the

same time and in the same location.

³We realized we were taking on a lot, a lot that we didn¹t necessarily have

resources for, and Garry Wolfe of Los Alamos Recreation Division needed

teens to help him with the track meet,² Cohen said.

LAYL Wild Day will costs $10 per child.  The Hershey¹s portion of the day is

for kids ages 9-14.

Parents are welcomed but are not required to stay. The children will each

receive a free T-shirt and a wristband that says ³LAYL Wild Day 2008.²

For more information call the Los Alamos YMCA at 662-3100 or the County

Recreation Division at 662-8173.