Teen charged with pointing gun

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Crime > Students face aggravated assault charges

By Tris DeRoma

A Los Alamos teen is receiving some unwanted attention after a video of him pointing a gun at another teen recently surfaced online.

The video was obtained by KOB Eyewitness News 4, and it shows one teen pointing a gun at another teen wearing a red shirt and yelling orders at him.

There are other teens in the room, and they too are yelling at the teen in the red shirt, who appears to be scared. KOB also reported that the teen in the red shirt is autistic.

The alleged victim’s mother notified police Jan. 16 that she saw the video on the social media site Facebook and was very concerned.

The video apparently took place in the bedroom of a home and it showed the teen with the gun telling the alleged victim to bend down and kiss his feet.

“Watch him, get on your knees and kiss my shoes,” said the teen with the gun.

The other teens then joined in.

“Oh dude, you better kiss his shoe, dude,” one teen said.

The alleged victim told police he did not notify police right away about what happened because he was “scared and embarrassed about what happened.”

Police tracked down the offender at Los Alamos High School and charged the 15-year-old with aggravated assault and conspiracy.

Another teen that was involved, a 14 year-old, was also charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy.
LAPD Cmdr. Randy Foster said the teens were not physically arrested; they were informed of the charges against them and referred to juvenile authorities.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gene Schmidt said the schools gave the police full cooperation and all protocols regarding safety as well as privacy were followed regarding the incident.

”Because of the sensitivity to the students’ right to privacy, this was viewed as something in the police jurisdiction when it comes to incidents that take place off campus,” Schmidt said.