Talking LA Green

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In his thorough and thoughtful column of February 8, Mark Jones outlined the health hazards of mercury and other pollutants caused by coal-fired power plants.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruling for limiting pollution by coal-burning power plants is a victory for us all. But we shouldn’t rest just yet. We can still do more toward a goal of clean and affordable energy that benefits us all.
 In Los Alamos we have that opportunity by joining LA Green, which purchases Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) on behalf of its local members. RECs are the currency of renewable energy generated by, for example, wind, solar, and hydroelectric plants. Renewable generators create one REC for every megawatt-hour they place on the grid, and entities such as LA Green buy RECs as a proxy for the actual “green” energy.
The more members in LA Green, the more we power our lives by cleaner sources of electricity and promote the renewable-energy industry.
Membership comes at various levels and adds only a small amount to the utility bill.
 For more information and how to sign up go to http://losalamosnm.us/utilities/Pages/LAGREEN.aspx.

Ilse Bleck
Los Alamos