Talking brands

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In a Aug. 10 headline article, Councilman David Izraelevitz is right on when  he says “A brand is not defined by what we think. It’s defined by what  other people think.”
That is, just because the County  Council and Chamber of Commerce have put up stone monikers and light pole banners advertising Los Alamos as the place “Where Discoveries are Made”  does not make that slogan a “brand.”
Yes, the county parents and  marketing folks would dearly love to have that slogan be the brand of this  town, but it just ain’t so. Most people who know anything about Los Alamos think “Bomb Power” or Manhattan Project, rather than what the monikers and banners say. Witness the arrests of activists that the Los Alamos police  made the same day!
To achieve such a transformation of slogan to brand will require a spiritual transformation of this place.
 That is, when we can get to a level of community awareness where community citizens and visitors will think that motto includes “where spiritual discoveries are made,” only then will we have a brand with integrity that can capture the world’s attention. Before that happens, we’ve got a lot of community introspection and transformation yet to do.
Eugene Kovalenko, Ph.D.
Los Alamos Deep Democracy Open Forum, Inc.
Los Alamos