Take time out for pizza

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Review: Not all hope is lost for those looking for a late-night bite

By Jennifer Garcia

Eating after 8 p.m. Friday has become a habit and somewhat of a necessity because of work schedules and summer concerts. Sure there’s food at the Los Alamos County Summer Concert Series, but sometimes the want for something different — and not out of a mobile cart — is strong. And sometimes pizza sounds good, but finding it after 8 p.m. can be virtually impossible.
However, it’s not completely out of the question if you’re willing to drive just a few miles to White Rock.
Time Out Pizzeria, located at 118 N.M. 4, between Rover and Sherwood Blvd.  is open until 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday and Sunday; and until 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.
They offer a wide variety of pizza choices, to include gourmet pizzas. With names like Riker’s BBQ Chicken, The Hilltopper and Fielder’s Choice, choosing one can be hard. But even vegetarians can find something at Time Out Pizza.
On a recent Friday night, a couple of friends came over to visit. Not wanting to cook, pizza was ordered. Since there was a bacon lover in the house, a Fielder’s Choice was ordered, along with a favorite, the Grand Slam. In addition, an order of green chile cheese bread and cinnamon bites was added. Since the order was placed at 9 p.m. and would not be ready until 9:30 p.m., it was decided that it would be a carry-out order.
Despite the late hour, the pizza was excellent. The thin crust was crispy and just the right thickness, with the right amount of sauce on each pizza. The Fielder’s Choice was loaded with pepperoni, bacon, beef, Canadian bacon and sausage. And  though it was packed with pork — the flavor was not overwhelming.  The sauce was just right, as well. It had a rich, tomatoey flavor, but was not too heavy on oregano or garlic, like some pizza sauces can be.
The Grand Slam was, well, a grand slam. This one is a favorite because of the extra cheese it comes with. It also has pepperoni, green peppers, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, ground beef, black olives, onions and sausage. It’s always ordered without onions, though. The flavors of all the toppings complement each other and are perfect for those who like a variety of pizza toppings on one pie.
The cinnamon bites were just OK. They appeared to be made out of the same dough used for the pizza crust, but were cut into little squares and topped with butter, cinnamon and sugar. The squares were not cut properly, so they had to be ripped apart, even after using a pizza cutter to try and separate them. Also, the cinnamon and sugar was not evenly spread over the piece of dough, so some spots were plain. The icing that accompanied the bites was too sugary sweet. It tasted like sugar mixed with just a bit of water and formed into a paste-like substance. Dipping the bites was also a chore because of the consistency.
The green chile cheese bread was another story entirely. Loaded with cheese and topped with green chile, it’s presented like a mini-pizza. It comes with a side of marinara, which is loaded with flavor. Little chunks of tomato were visible in the sauce and paired with the cheesy bread, was like an explosion of flavor in every bite. The chile wasn’t super hot, but rather just hot enough to let you know it was there. For those who don’t like green chile, there is also garlic bread sticks and plain cheese bread.
Overall, the food was good and a return trip is definitely in order, but perhaps that one will be a dine-in experience. The menu offers much more than pizza. There also salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, sub sandwiches and side orders like chicken wings and soup. There are lunch specials offered from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Friday for those dining in. For a complete menu, visit timeout4pizza.com.
The total price for a price for an 18-inch pizza with cinnamon bite came to $29 and some change.