Take a bit of Chimayó home for the holidays

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Show: Artists will display and sell their work Friday

By Jennifer Garcia

Chimayó is best known for red chile and El Santuario de Chimayó, but a group of local artists is hoping to soon be included in that list.
Joan and Lowlow Medina, along with their daughters Anamaria and Marisol, will be part of a holiday art show at the their gallery from 6-8 p.m. Friday.  
Along with the Medina family, Fernando Bimonte, Alfredo Baca, Charles Medina and Sharon Candelario will also show their work.
The Medinas are no strangers to the art world. In fact, Joan and their daughters were part of the “Her Legacy” art show at the Bond House Museum in Española in March.
Joan and Lowlow have been doing art for 30 years as a couple and got their start on a different kind of media — and what some might consider an unconventional way.
“Lowlow and I started by painting murals on cars. He did murals on walls and on wood or canvas, then he got me into painting on canvas, too,” Joan said of their artistic beginnings.
The couple’s children were exposed to art at early ages.
“My two daughters stated at the age of three. Now Ana is 17 and Marisol is eight,” Joan said.
Candelario is no artistic novice, either. She has been creating art for about eight years. In fact, none of the artists featured in the show are new to the craft. Charles has been making art for 28 years; Bimonte has been an artist for more than 25 years; and Baca has been creating artistic pieces for 28 years. All of the artists are originally from Chimayó.
Despite the fact that this is not Joan’s first show, it is the first time she and her family will show with this particular group.
“We got invited to join the art show this year and we were excited to be part of the show,” Joan said. “They had the first show last year and they decided to do one this year and make it bigger, in hopes to make it larger next year, too.”
She said the show will serve as a way for people to purchase local-made art and jewelry before Christmas.
The artists’ styles are as varied as the artists, themselves.
Lowlow, Joan, Charles, Anamaria, Marisol and Baca all paint with oils and acrylics. In fact, one of Joan’s signature pieces one that features El Santuario de Chimayó. For a special effect, she will sometimes outline the images with gold.
Lowlow, Anamaria and Joan also use airbrush and automotive paints.
“We all can basically do all different styles of art,” Joan said. “All of us combined is like getting filled with a taste of New Mexico and of the world. “
She said they even got a consignment piece, which is supposed to feature the twin towers of the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty.
The public is invited to the show at Santuario Road #24, right next to El Santuario de Chimayó.
While there, grab some chile powder to take home. The Medinas sell that, as well.
For more information, call 505-876-7380.