Tackling the tricky T-shirt

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T-shirts are so common these days that we tend not to think about their importance anymore, yet we wear them every day. T-shirts come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, styles, cuts and colors. Choosing a T-shirt can sometimes be so overwhelming that some of you may just give up and resort to wearing the plain white crewneck T-shirt, which does absolutely nothing for you. Do not worry. I am here to help sort out this dilemma for you.
Let’s start with buying the right shape of T-shirt. Unbelievably, your face shape has everything to do with the type of T-shirt you buy. If your face is round or you have a shorter neck, do not buy T-shirts with round necklines. Wear a V-neck or a long necklace to elongate your face and neck.
For heavier body-types, do not wear anything clingy. For almost any body type, wearing a shirt that has a defined waistline and flows out from the waistline is a good choice.
If you have a skinny body-type, go for it and wear something form fitting. A shirt that has no waistline and just hangs loosely from the neckline can be belted to achieve a fashionable look.
When it comes to colors, choose wisely. A general rule of thumb is, if someone notices your colorful shirt before they notice you, it’s the wrong color; and second, do not wear a shirt that is darker than your eyebrows, which represent your natural hair color.
Some colors like periwinkle, navy and certain shades of beige will look fabulous on anyone. Instead of wearing a plain shirt, buy embellished, decorative, or patterned T-shirts to jazz up your look. They can also do the exact opposite and serve as an undershirt or a plain shirt to wear under a suit.
Something very important to remember about T-shirts is that they show your arms. You may be thinking, “Big deal they are just arms,” but let me tell you, there is more to arms than you think.
 If you have heavy arms, wear loose elbow-length or long sleeves with wide arm cuts, like kimono sleeves. Do not wear clingy fabric, sleeveless blouses, or puffed sleeves. For thin arms, you can wear loose-fitting sleeves, sleeves that end above the elbow and tighter sleeves.
Make sure to watch those gross yellow stains that appear under the arms on white shirts. You can get rid of them by putting distilled vinegar in the wash, hopefully before anyone sees it! Remember that they will not come out with bleach.
Your wardrobe should not completely revolve around T-shirts, but you should have something other than a collection of frumpy old crewnecks conglomerating in your closet.
Now you can go buy a T-shirt you love, and trust me on this one, not only will the T-shirt fit you, but you will fit the T-shirt, too!

Alexandra Hehlen is a freshman at LAHS.