TA-21 cleanup enters second phase

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By Tris DeRoma

N3B hired subcontractor Los Alamos Technical Associates to clean up an area of  Tech Area 21, located at 500 DP Road.

Los Alamos Technical Associates will start this summer dismantling a former liquid waste processing facility at the site, called “Building 257.”

The project also includes removing surface tanks, underground waste transfer lines and other equipment from the site. 

The soil around and underneath the building will be tested for contamination and then remediated if necessary.

All the waste will be shipped to an offsite disposal facility.

The timeline of the project is two years.

In November, subcontractors TerranearPMC and Envirocon removed utility poles and lines from the site. The subcontractoes also removed tons of rebar.

Located on DP Mesa, Tech Area 21 was built during the spring and summer of 1945 and was used for chemical and metallurgical work, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The site was eventually divided into two areas, DP East and DP West.

East was for Tritium research, and West was for inorganic and biochemistry research. The site was mostly closed down in 1977 as work was transferred to a new plutonium facility.

In April, N3B will issue requests for the third phase of the project, which includes removing slabs and basements of buildings that used to be on the site, then sample and remediate the soil around and underneath the buildings.