Swim teams win in season opener

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By Mike Cote

ALBUQUERQUE — So far, so good.In its 2007-08 season opener, the Los Alamos Hilltopper boys and girls swimming and diving teams collectively took home top honors at Saturday’s Peter Barney Memorial Relays. Saturday’s relay event, held at Albuquerque Academy’s Natatorium, consisted of some of the top-finishing schools in the state last season.The win wasn’t something the team was expecting, especially considering the Hilltopper boys had to pull out of three events because they had no one to swim them and had to make several other personnel adjustments.“I was very happy with the results,” Los Alamos head coach Bev Leasure said. “I gave a couple of seniors on the C-Team a chance to swim, another swimmer volunteered to give a C-Teamer his spot in one of the relays. We were trying to give people some opportunities to swim…I’m very happy with the times.”The win wasn’t even something the Hilltoppers were necessarily shooting for Saturday. Of primary importance was gauging how much work would need to be done in order to pick up some state qualifying times.In many cases, there isn’t much.All four girls in the 400-yard medley relay swam a sub-qualifying split, and three of the four boys in that 400 medley did likewise. Individuals couldn’t qualify for state in Saturday’s event.Leasure stacked both those races with her top swimmers, and the results showed. Both teams finished third in the 400 medley relay, with the team of Alisa Romero, Kara Leasure, Sammi Kao and Lydia Wermer only 1.13 seconds off the pace set by Sandia Prep, which won the event, and the team of Colton Lake, Dylan Lake, Micah Putnam and Alex Baker each turning in solid splits.The Hilltopper girls would win a pair of events, the 800 freestyle relay and the 200 butterfly relay.Los Alamos dominated the girls 800 freestyle relay, earning more than a nine-second victory over second-place La Cueva. Leasure, who swam the first leg of the event, had the best 200-yard split of the day with a 2:02.42, and Kao had the second-best with her 2:03.22.“I was OK with it,” Kao said of her swim after the race. “I was a little off my best, but we’re here to have fun.”The Barney Relays is one of the more popular events of the season. It’s generally a laid-back atmosphere for all involved, and a fun way for the teams to start their seasons.The girls 200 butterfly went much the same way. Kao started the race and opened up nearly a full-second advantage in her leg, and the lead simply grew from there.Los Alamos’ boys earned a win in the 200 medley relay, due in no small part to three disqualifications.One of the team’s best showings of the day was in the 200 butterfly, where Putnam, the Lakes and Baker took third. Colton Lake had the best split among the four, with his 26.25.Lake takes some ribbing on the team for his lackadaisical attitude toward the team’s workouts.“I don’t like to practice hard,” he said. “I like to conserve my energy for other things.”In the diving competition, the Los Alamos girls team of Lauren Bucklin and Lisa Ann Hendricks was second. The two finished with a combined score of 351.55.

GirlsTeam results1. Los Alamos, 122; 2. La Cueva, 116; 3. Albuquerque Academy, 108; 4. Eldorado, 82; 5. St. Pius X, 74; 6. Rio Rancho, 66; 7. Sandia, 62; 8. Sandia Prep, 56.1 meter diving1. Academy, 374.00; 2. Los Alamos, 351.55; 3. Rio Rancho, 332.85; 4. St. Pius, 287.45.400-yard medley relay1. Sandia Prep, 4:18.64; 2. La Cueva, 4:19.64; 3. Los Alamos, 4:19.77.200 freestyle relay1. La Cueva, 1:50.20; 2. Academy, 1:52.84; 3. Eldorado, 1:54.44; 7. Los Alamos, 2:06.56.200 breaststroke relay1. Academy, 2:16.66; 2. La Cueva, 2:19.28; 3. Los Alamos, 2:23.79.200 backstroke relay1. La Cueva, 2:06.10; 2. Rio Rancho, 2:11.67; 3. Eldorado, 2:11.72; 5. Los Alamos, 2:23.24.800 freestyle relay1. Los Alamos, 8:27.51; 2. La Cueva, 8:36.62; 3. Sandia Prep, 8:59.94.400 individual medley relay1. Academy, 4:30.32; 2. Los Alamos, 4:39.13; 3. St. Pius, 4:44.42.200 butterfly relay1. Los Alamos, 1:57.44; 2. St. Pius, 2:03.20; 3. Eldorado, 2:04.99.200 medley relay1. Sandia Prep, 1:59.95; 2. Academy, 2:00.22; 3. Sandia, 2:10.04; 5. Los Alamos, 2:11.50.400 freestyle relay1. La Cueva, 3:47.55; 2. Los Alamos, 4:08.03; 3. Rio Rancho, 4:11.92.BoysTeam results1. Academy, 144; 2. Eldorado, 88; 3. Sandia Prep, 82; 4. Rio Rancho, 80; 5. Los Alamos, 72; 6. Sandia, 68; 7. La Cueva, 48; 8. St. Pius, 26.1 meter diving1. Academy, 409.05; 2. Rio Rancho, 374.15.400-yard medley relay1. Academy, 3:41.86; 2. La Cueva, 4:19.39; 3. Los Alamos, 4:19.77.200 freestyle relay1. Academy, 1:38.83; 2. St. Pius, 1:39.21; 3. Rio Rancho, 1:42.37; 7. Los Alamos, 1:54.41.200 breaststroke relay1. La Cueva, 2:06.10; 2. Los Alamos, 2:08.57; 3. Eldorado, 2:11.26.200 backstroke relay1. Academy, 1:48.76; 2. Eldorado, 2:11.60; 3. Rio Rancho, 2:27.95.800 freestyle relay1. Academy, 8:06.64; 2. Sandia, 8:07.40; 3. Rio Rancho, 8:59.34.400 individual medley relay1. Academy, 3:51.98; 2. Eldorado, 4:32.63; 3. Los Alamos, 4:35.35.200 butterfly relay1. Sandia Prep, 1:41.08; 2. Academy, 1:41.58; 3. Los Alamos, 1:48.16.200 medley relay1. Los Alamos, 2:00.52; 2. Sandia Prep, 2:01.83; 3. Sandia, 2:12.05.400 freestyle relay1. Sandia Prep, 3:25.92; 2. La Cueva, 3:33.81; 3. Academy, 3:34.21.