Suspected drug dealer was also arrested earlier

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Courts > Ramos charged following suspicious activity in White Rock

By Tris DeRoma

Suspected Santa Fe drug dealer Celso Ramos, out on $15,000 bond, was arraigned in district court recently.
In district court, Ramos was charged with trafficking controlled substances (possession with intent to distribute, narcotic or meth, first offense), possession of a controlled substance (felony narcotic drug) and use or possession of drug paraphernalia in February of this year.
According to court documents, Ramos, 37, was arrested by police who were called to a White Rock neighborhood because Ramos and a 29-year-old woman named Deanna Doss were seen walking up and down driveways in White Rock for no particular reason.
When questioned and searched, police found four fully loaded syringes of heroin in his backpack. The amount of heroin in the syringes turned out to be more than 2 ounces.
In Los Alamos District Court, Ramos pled not guilty.
During his arraignment, the prosecution revealed that he was arrested just a few weeks earlier for trafficking drugs in Santa Fe County, as well.
The district attorney asked the court that he continued to be monitored for drug use up to his trial selection appearance in January.
Los Alamos District Court Judge Jennifer Attrep set additional conditions of release, including that Ramos show up for all his court appearances through January, when his trial is set to start.
Additional conditions include not leaving the state without the court’s permission, as well as staying away from witnesses and co-defendants.
He must also be drug tested for initially four weeks, twice a week. If Ramos stays clean, he then he will only be tested once a week for another month and if he is still clean after that, the drug testing will end.
However, he has to still make all his court appointments, which include Nov. 25 for a pretrial conference and hearings in January.
Doss was already sentenced for her part in the crime. She received three years incarceration with three years suspended.
She also received three years of supervised probation with drug treatment in concurrence with other sentences she’s serving, which include three 2013 cases where she was convicted of trafficking drugs, committing a non-residential burglary and another case where she committed criminal trespass, two counts of larceny and criminal damage to property.