Surge of letters express worry over Trinity Drive discussions

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Suddenly, in the last week, there has been a surge of letters to the editor with dire admonitions against making Trinity Drive a safer, more inviting, and better-performing roadway. One argument focuses on a perceived threat to local businesses, because some traffic may be diverted to Central. I wonder, have the alarmists stopped to consider on which road the majority of local businesses are located? Might there be a correlation between pedestrians feeling it’s safe to cross the street, and healthy sales?
In the same breath, these folks complain that traffic will slow down, as though high-speed driving is somehow helping shops in town; never mind that multiple simulations have shown the lack of red lights at a roundabout, combined with the addition of turn bays instead of forcing dozens of cars to change lanes around a left turner, would actually bring driving times on Trinity down.
I also wonder how pedestrians could expect to cross the road from shopping at Mari-Mac to a new grocery store at Trinity Place, across a 4-lane 35MPH road with a view obstructed curve.  If we want our businesses to thrive, we need to try get people to them, and not focus on making it easy for them to speed past!
I hope my fellow local business patrons will email the council at countycouncil@lacnm.us and calmly express their desire for improved driving, biking, and walking, as provided by the roundabouts and dedicated turn bays in the A options.

Neale Pickett
Los Alamos