Support Wilson for Senate

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

First, Heather Wilson is always very receptive to the Los Alamos County Council and staff visits to Washington, making time for us even while she is being called to the House floor for a vote. Though we are not in her district, she is always interested in, very knowledgeable about and supportive of our issues and the issues of northern New Mexico, particularly the laboratory. Second, as one of our Los Alamos businessmen stated in a recent meeting, when her name comes up, integrity is his first thought.

Third, Heather Wilson is outstanding in terms of accomplishment and experience: An Air Force Academy graduate who then served seven years overseas in the Air Force; a Rhodes Scholar who earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in international relations from Oxford University in England; a National Security Council staff member at the White House under the first President George Bush during the fall of the Berlin Wall; a small business owner, founding Keystone International Inc. in Albuquerque, to work with senior executives in large American defense and scientific corporations with business development and program planning work in the U.S. and Russia; cabinet secretary for Children, Youth and Families under Gov. Johnson; and wife and mother, with one adult son and two school-age children.

And Heather Wilson is known in the House of Representatives, where she has served since June of 1998, for doing her homework.

New Mexico needs someone in the Senate who approaches issues intelligently, thoughtfully and realistically – outside narrow ideology and with common sense. Heather Wilson is by far the best choice.

Fran Berting

Los Alamos