Support UNM-LA mil levy

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By The Staff

 I’m writing to you in support of the mil levy vote for the University of New Mexico Los Alamos branch.  Surprisingly enough, many of our town residents don’t realize that there’s a college branch right here.  We have some of the best faculty that you’ll find anywhere, including our main campus, and our class sizes are small enough that our students enjoy specialized attention from the instructors.  Although the majority of our degrees are two-year degrees, we also offer a full four-year computer science degree.  We are also one of the first colleges in the state to offer a two-year Games Development degree that articulates to a four-year degree at conferring institutions such as the University of Denver.

Funding issues

•  UNM-LA DOES NOT receive funds from UNM-Albuquerque, Los Alamos Public Schools or LANL for operational support.

•  The last time UNM-LA asked the voters for an increase in operational support was 29 years ago.

•   State budgets cuts in 2009 and 2010 have forced UNM-LA to make severe cuts across the board in staffing, classes and services

•   UNM-LA is second from the bottom of all New Mexico two-year colleges in mil levy funding from its local community.

 UNM-LA serves the entire community

•  Students who transfer to UNM-Albuquerque succeed better than if they had started at the main campus.

•  UNM-LA houses UNM-Extended University which offers four-year degrees. Start with UNM-LA and stay at UNM-LA with UNM-EU.

•  UNM-LA offers 18 associate degrees and 14 certificates. UNM-LA also offers workforce training.

•  UNM-LA offers GED and ESL classes for adult learners.

•  NM-LA waives tuition for Los Alamos High School students through dual credit. Students get college credit while attending high school.

•  UNM-LA Community Education offers many classes for personal enrichment. The college offers special classes for children.

• At UNM-LA, Seniors can take credit classes for $5 per credit hour.

 Please turn out and support UNM-LA in the upcoming mil levy!

Lynne Y. Williams

Los Alamos