Support for Richard and the Los Alamos Firefighter’s Union

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I follow politics from the safety of my home. On occasion I will send a few dollars to a chosen candidate and always vote. Not much more than that.
This year is different!
Disturbing trends at the national level have me very concerned for the direction our democracy is taking. Getting involved in the footwork of politics has not been my way.
This election is different!
I have gone door-to-door in support of Stephanie Richard for District 43 state representative. My support is for the positive energy and new ideas she would bring to the legislature on behalf of the citizens of District 43. I like her strong positions to ensure local schools get funding needed, further ethics reform and battle corruption in Santa Fe, and support for much needed comprehensive health care reform.
Stephanie’s strong endorsement of the Los Alamos firefighter’s collective bargaining position with the county and their endorsement of her is another reason she has my vote.
I will be voting for Ken Johnson and Betty Gunther for Los Alamos County Council, in large part, based on their support of the firefighters and the union’s endorsement of their candidacy. I call on the current county councilors and county administrative staff to reevaluate their recent actions and demonstrated reluctance to bargain in good faith with IAAF #3279.
I encourage all voters to vote for Stephanie Richard for District 43 representative and Ken Johnson and Betty Gunther for county council.

Larry Jeffryes
Los Alamos