In support of a local roofer

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This past Thursday there was a scathing article written about the roofing project taking place at Pinon Elementary School. The article was concerning the issue between the school district, which didn’t following protocol when proceeding with construction, and the school board. An unintended consequence of the article was the projected ineptness of McPartlon Roofing.
 Numerous times throughout the article, school board representative Mrs. McKinley, who seems to have it out for McPartlon Roofing, was quoted bad mouthing the contractor of a profession she clearly doesn’t understand.
 Nor did it seem that a portion of the school board fully understand that contractors, roofing or otherwise, often times have to follow the school districts insurance policy as opposed to the procedures recommended by their governing bodies. This course of action lends itself to contractors completing work that “worked best on the last project,” as opposed to completing work the proper way by following material manufactures installation guidelines.
While Mr. Sargent did what he could to defend the craftsmanship and character of McPartlon Roofing the scathing comments were already unjustly out there. With the current recession taking its toll on many small businesses one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is horrible comments such as those made by Mrs. McKinley.
 McPartlon Roofing has been a mainstay in this region for 3 decades, with that kind of longevity it’s safe to assume they know what they’re doing. Please don’t let one person’s antagonistic comments influence your opinion of this contractor.
Roby Van Winkle
White Rock