Super Blitz wraps up with sobriety checkpoints

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LAPD: Locally, number of arrests for DWI fairly stable

By Tris DeRoma

Just because summer is almost over, don’t think the state and local police are slowing up on their DWI checkpoint strategy.
On the contrary, state and local law enforcement plan to be ever more vigilant now that school and related school activities have started up again. They are also keeping an eye on Labor Day Weekend as well.
According to a press release issued by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, the state police plan on running their program through Sept. 4, and some of those checkpoints may include state roads leading into Los Alamos.
“During this final summer Super Blitz, state police officers throughout New Mexico will conduct 25 sobriety checkpoints and 67 DWI saturation patrols to deter drunk driving and arrest those who choose to drive after drinking,” said a statement in the release.
On the local side, Deputy Chief Kevin Purtymun also said the LAPD may run some checkpoints too, though he couldn’t specifically say where.
He also said residents may want to know that the checkpoints aren’t where they make most of their arrests.
“We’re fairly consistent in that we make about 50 to 60 DWI arrests a year,” said Purtyman. “But, from the number of checkpoints we do a year, we only make one or two arrests.”
Purtymun said the real reason for the checkpoints is to heighten residents’ attention to the hazards of drinking while driving.
“We mostly do it to raise awareness to the issue and to educate the public,” he said.