Summer PE sessions and hoops camp starting soon

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

much free time on the hands of youth leads to boredom.
But Los Alamos teacher and coach Justin Black has plans in place to alleviate the doldrums and turn excess time into extracurricular activity.
Two sessions of summer physical education classes and three sessions of basketball skills camp will have those in attendance increasing coordination, skills and burning calories.
“The classes are good for anyone in elementary, K through 6,” said Black. “Everyone needs more activity and this is an opportunity to offer that plus fundraise for the PE program.”
Black uses the funds raised from the summer sessions and puts them right back into his programs at Chamisa Elementary School.
For his efforts, Black has been named PE Teacher of the Year.
“It has been very nice to be recognized by my peers,” said Black. “It has also been a very busy year as I prepare to apply for the Southwest District PE teacher of the year in October.”
This summer, Black looks forward to using his new larger scooters and experimenting new games, during the summer sessions.
During the school year, Black only sees students 45 minutes a week.
In the summer sessions, he has them for the time equivalent of 10-1/2 classes per session, allowing him to cover more things and spend more time on individual activities.
Those games may include athletic ones for the Xbox 360 Kinect and a chance to try out their new heart rate watches.
The menu of activities is large for a $50 weekly session fee. Both programs will hold classes the week of June 10-14 and again June 17-21.
The fourth through sixth grade session runs from 8-10 a.m., followed by a first through third grade session from 10 a.m.-noon.
The activities will include Dance Dance Revolution, football, catching and throwing skills, soccer, golf, Frisbee and speed badminton.
Black will also be running a basketball skills camp, which will take place during the afternoons. These are designed for those interested in acquiring some new basketball skills or adding to the old ones.
Three afternoon sessions of basketball are available for grades 3 through high school.
All classes take place at Chamisa Elementary in White Rock and Black is available by calling 505-716-1149 or emailing him at j.black@laschools.net.
Classes will be limited to 20 participants.