Students praise new Aspen Elementary

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Editor’s note: The following letters were written by sixth graders from Aspen Elementary School regarding recent renovations and rededication of the school. There are more letters to come, so keep reading the Los Alamos Monitor.

I love our new building for several reasons.
First of all the look is amazing. It really gives the building a modern feel. Also the playground looks amazing, and an amazing coincidence, the blow dryers in the bathrooms are the same as ones I’ve used before that I encountered in this new building!

I am enjoying our new school building for several reasons.
First of all, we have larger classrooms. The larger rooms hold more equipment for more in-class projects. Second, we have more books in the library. More books means more sources to study with. Last, this new building is safer than the other. The older building was falling apart, literally!
Thank you all for our beautiful new building!

Why should we thank you? Because you, yes you, said yes to us. You gave us a brand new school.
So see what you gave us? The media center is amazing, with it’s modern design and more books to read. The school isn’t bland with tons of colors and especially details. There are small things like the floor colors and patterns, how the windows of the media center show aspen trees. It will take time to get used the layout of the building, not that it’s a problem. The Aspen playground is more like a playground, which I like.
So, thank you community of Los Alamos, thank you.
There are a lot of things I want to thank Los Alamos about the new building, like how I’m on the second story. Also, what I think is really cool is the fireplace. There’s a gas fireplace in the library. It’s so nice to sit by the fire while you’re reading, plus none of the other schools has one. How the school will help me as a student is it will be less crowded, therefore, I can have space. I can’t thank you enough for voting yes.

I am loving our new building for several reasons. First of all, the overhead projectors really surprised me. That surprised me because they are high-tech. The things that are really eye-catching are the light sails. These are eye-catching because they are so big. The thing that might take some getting used to are the passes. These might take some time getting used to because I’ve never had passes before. The part that I was most excited about was how big it was. I was excited because I’ve never been in a school so big.
I’m so thankful for this new school. Thank you.

I am really enjoying our new building for a few different reasons.
First, it is awesome because there is a lot more room. That means we can fit more stuff in our room. Next reason is the gym and lunch room being in different room. That allows less strain on coach and more room. Plus, the serving area got a much needed upgrade. Another reason is our old building was falling apart and plugs could not suffice for a lot of the power we need.
All in all, this building is helping us all out.
I am really enjoying our new building for several reasons. First of all, our new medial center because it has computer labs, study rooms and a larger selection of books. Another reason is how much more room we have in our classrooms and dining hall. The new desks they gave us are a whole lot of roomier. Upstairs in our new school, there are 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. Downstairs, there are kindergarten, first and second grades, as well as art, library, P.E. and music.
Thank you so much for all your time and patience.

I am loving our new school for many reasons. First, the new school is all connected. When we were in the old building, we had to walk to a portable for music. That was not that fun.
Second, a surprising thing for me was the new library. It was so big and even had a fireplace, but don’t worry, we won’t get burned. It’s a laser fireplace tht still produces heat.
Third, the are and music rooms are right next to each other. Music and are are my favorites. There are big windows that save energy.
Forth, what might need to get some getting used to is the second floor. Since kindergarten, I have been single level, and I am not used to climbing stairs everyday.
Lastly, the dining hall. The old school didn’t have a cafeteria, we ate in the gym.
Thank you Los Alamos for helping us get a great school.

Thank you very much for voting for us to have anew school built, even though it meant taxes staying high. I don’t think there is a single student or teacher at Aspen who isn’t glad to be out of the old building. It really is great to be able to learn in such a wonderful building.
I have seen many nice buildings, but Aspen is by far one of the nicest. One of my favorite places in it is the media center (library). It has so much more space, allowing us to take the books in long-term storage out. The study rooms also make a great place for book clubs and group studies. I also enjoy the dining hall. The new low ceiling makes it much quieter and relaxing during lunch. The new building also has many other new features I enjoy such as a kiln, drop-down projectors, a fireplace and much more!    
The best thing about the new school is that it will help me learn because I can focus so much better. In the old building, I couldn’t think for half of the time because I was so worried that the roof was going to fall in on me! It also has many new technology features to help us learn.
This really is a great building. It couldn’t have happened without your help!

I am very glad and excited that my classmates and I have a new school, for many reasons.
First, the thing that made me absolutely ecstatic was having a chance to be on the second floor. Now that I think about it, it makes sense that the “little’ kids are on the first floor, but I am still happy that my last year at Aspen will be spent on the second floor. The second thing is the building is awesome, especially not have to commute outside, instead we’re commuting inside. Even though our kindergarten buddies and special classes are downstairs, I am still glad. The third thing is that all the new things are great like the Media Center and the new desks.
All in all, having a new school is great, and I would like to say thank you.