Students Occupy Los Alamos

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Katelyn Collier

Teen Pulse Staff Writer


The news is full of striking images and videos of protesters involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, which has now spread around the globe and moved into small communities like Española and Los Alamos. 

Local 17-year-old, Brady Johnson, initiated the Los Alamos protest. A few weeks ago, Johnson started to prepare for the protest that took place at Ashley pond Oct. 22. He made several signs that he showed to passing drivers who, according to Johnson, had “mostly positive reactions.” 

Johnson also had numerous flyers and informational handouts to give to anyone with extensive questions.

He made a Facebook page to invite people to the event and help spread the word about what was happening and when it was happening. 

When asked why he decided to join the cause, he responded with a pledge to show that the youth can and do care about what is happening in the world, and more importantly, what will happen in the future. 

“If we don’t make a change to better our future, we won’t have much of a future,” he said. Johnson claims that he, like many Americans, is fed up with corporate greed and wants the politicians to stop being bought out by big businesses.  

Johnson also said there is no general consensus for what the outcome of the protests should actually be, but that he wants people to know that he cares about this generation of the youth and what is happening in the world today. 

James Horne, 17, also commented on why he was participating. “I am here so people understand what we are here to do (show that we care) and to make people realize what is happening isn’t right.” 

Bobby Hrbeck, 17, was another student  that joined Johnson’s movement. “My reason for being here today is I am not happy about how the people are not coming first,” he said. These are just several examples of the frustration that was voiced that day by the youth and is still being voiced today. 

 Johnson said he plans on protesting again soon, but does not have a date set.