Students at Chamisa are a crafty bunch

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On Monday, the kindergarten through the sixth graders unofficially celebrated the end of SBA testing and the countdown to spring break with a parade.
A variety of masks were created while working with local artist and teacher, Thelma Hahn and Renee Mitsunaga, for an upcoming celebration.
On Thursday, from 5-7 pm, a White Rock Multi-cultural Fair will take place at Chamisa with performances and displays from all around the world, presented by students, parents, friends, neighbors, staff, and community members.
The 5th and 6th graders at Chamisa and 4th and 5th grades at Pinon have studied Carnival celebrations around the world with, artist-in-residence and former LAPS Art Teacher, Thelma Hahn.
Funding for the six week, artist-in-residence program for White Rock schools, came through a LAPS Fine Arts Grant.
“This project perfectly integrated into another event sponsored by the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation called “Around the World in White Rock”- Multicultural Fair,” said Mitsunaga. “Thelma Hahn was wonderful to observe and work with in our classroom. She showed her love for teaching and art through her instruction and interactions.”
Mitsunaga benefited from Hahn’s instructional strategies and insight into the pedagogy of art.
All grade levels participated focusing on well known artists like Picasso, African culture, and Japanese-Kabuki inspired masks.
“The Carnival Parade was fantastic,” said Mitsunaga. “The masks were a great celebration of cultural celebrations from all over the world. Students paraded proudly with the masks they created.”
Mitsunaga, a former Pinon teacher has worked with Chamisa staff for a special Hawaii celebration set for Thursday.
Special requests made by parents and community members, have the staff to bring back the hula.
“We have been practicing the dance to the beautiful melody of a song named Hawaiian Lullaby,” said Mitsunaga. “The song begins with, “Where I live there are rainbows.” This song depicts the beauty of where we live and the laughter of children.
The cheetahs are excited to host the 2nd Annual Multicultural Fair celebrating diversity for both schools.
Music, dance, art, crafts, and food will fill the gymnasium and the community is welcome.