Students care about more than iPods

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter written by Margot Pellette, I would like to correct a few of her comments. As one of the 117 high school students who walked out of class on March 19, I know I speak for most when I say we care for a lot more than our iPods. This year, the group behind the walkout, Coalition for Peace and Global Awareness, sponsored a fundraiser to benefit the victims of the civil war in Sierra Leone, Africa, and earned nearly $800. Only a few days before the walkout, the club participated in a 40-hour fast to raise awareness of hunger throughout the world. Participants did not use their iPods, computers or any other modern convenience. Coalition for Peace raised well over $400 from the fast.I would argue that the vast majority of participants in the walkout are well aware of the many wars that have occurred throughout history, and your comment serves only to disrespect the history teachers in the high school and beyond. The fact that war is part of humanity does not make it right or justifiable.Had you actually known about our reasons behind the protest, you would know how much of the walkout was based upon the loss of life on both sides of the war. I am sorry that our walkout did not “impress you.” However, we wanted people to be aware of the war, the bloodshed and the unnecessary violence – and we have obviously achieved that goal: you and countless others have heard our statement, and whether or not you agree is not the issue.Our message is that this war is an atrocity, against the Iraqi people and against the American troops. Understand that I completely support the troops. I know the troops are not responsible for being in Iraq; they have to follow their orders. Their sacrifice is undeniable, and I am incredibly thankful for their willingness to protect our country. My belief is that a war of choice is never justifiable.As of now, we are pumping around $720 million a day into the war. I know the money would be much better spent on education and health care, but all I can do is make as many people as possible aware of what I have to say – that this war is not worth fighting. And that message has been, in my eyes, clearly conveyed.Christine DuBoisLos Alamos